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New Vehicle Warning & Hazard Products catalogue is out now!

New Vehicle Warning & Hazard Products catalogue is out now!

New Vehicle Warning & Hazard Products catalogue is out now!

We’re delighted to announce the new Vehicle Warning & Hazard Products catalogue is out now either in print or on our e-commerce website,!



With its brand-new design and thousands of new products including new ranges of light bars, mini lightbars, beacons, LED light heads, controllers and more – you’re sure to find what you need at a price that fits when you buy from the Dun-Bri Group.


Catalogue highlights

Highlights of the new lightbar ranges include;

  • 911 Signal Warrior LED light bars
  • Vision Alert 12 Series LED light bars
  • Britax Aerolite A13 LED light bars
  • LAP Electrical Titan LED light bars
  • Redtronic Mega-Flash FX LED light bars
  • Redtronic Bullitt LED light bars

Download the full catalogue from our knowledgebase.



2017 update: This article has now been deprecated.  For more up-to-date news on our catalogues, please visit the Product news section of our web site, or download any of our editions on our Knowledgebase by clicking here.

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