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Taken from our catalogues and blog, information on ECE and other UK-relevant legislation which may affect you…

Guide to: ECE Regulation 7

This regulation applies to front and rear position lighting (side lights), stop (brake) lights and end-outline marker lamps for motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles) and their trailers, whether it is for a stand-alone lamp, or as part of a multi-function light.  For side marker lights, see the certification guide on ECE Regulation 91. Each product is […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 6

Directional indicator lamps and side repeaters are covered by ECE Regulation 6. This applies whether an individual lamp, part of a headlamp or multi-functional lamp (such as rear cluster light). There are several categories of approval: Categories 1, 1a and 1b for front indicators; Categories 2a and 2b for rear indicators and Categories 5 and […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 4

ECE Regulation 4 applies to number plate lighting for power-driven vehicles and their trailers, whether it is for a stand-alone number plate light, or as part of a multi-function light. During testing for certification, colour measurements are taken to ensure that the ‘device’ emits a light to a certain distance and angle, that does not […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 3

This regulation applies to retro-reflectors for power-driven vehicles and their trailers, and relates to stand-alone reflectors or those built into other light units, such as combination or multi-function lights. Before certification, each reflector must conform to size and shape requirements; before passing tests relating to colorimetric and photometric specifications; resistance tests to heat, fluid and […]

Guide to: CAP 168

Under the Licensing of Aerodromes regulations, as written by the Civil Aviation Authority, there is a requirement under Chapter 4, Section 12, Sub-section 11, to light all vehicles that enter the movement area of an airport, airfield or similar. Airport operators are charged with ensuring that all vehicles are properly lit using beacons regardless of […]

Guide to: ‘Chapter 8’

As cited by Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, any vehicle working on the highway must be fitted with a number of beacons and/or lightbars and additional warning lights where required. Section 5.3 of the manual covers the selection and appropriate use of roof-mounted beacons and without prejudice to the specific requirements of any […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 10

Complete vehicles or electronic sub-assemblies, such as warning beacons, alarm systems and high-mounted brake lights must be tested to conform with ECE Regulation 10, in addition to other regulations covering the particular item’s use. This specific area of legislation applies to electromagnetic compatibility, often referred to as EMC, ensuring that electrical items do not interfere […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 65

Some vehicle lighting products such as beacons, lightbars and directional LED light heads can be tested for their performance to conform to ECE Regulation 65, a supplementary regulation that tests light output and reliability in extreme conditions, accredited by an approved testing laboratory. There are a range of key conditions that a Regulation 65 approved […]

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