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FORS Vehicle Safety Requirements

Find out more about the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and the requirements to help your vehicles reach Bronze, Silver and Gold standards.  Features visual guide of the items required for vehicles. Being FORS Silver approved automatically gives you CLOCS compliance too.     Click to download the guide in PDF format.   Last updated: […]

FORS Silver & CLOCS Compatibility – a simple guide (video)

Did you know that by being FORS Silver approved you automatically comply to the requirements of CLOCS? Call us for more information on 01763 274185 or visit our web site at  We provide free fleet consultations for FORS members, and often offer discounts off of our usual pricing to enhance yours and vulnerable road […]

FORS: An Introduction Guide video

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.  And as part of our own commitment to road safety – we’re now […]

Guide to: HS2 vehicle safety measures

Broadly speaking the vehicle safety measures for working on HS2 (High Speed Two) sites that apply are taken from the CLOCS standard.  The CLOCS standard was aligned with the FORS Silver accreditation in June 2015. It is worth emphasising that access to any site by a UK-registered vehicle will only be permitted when the following […]

Guide to: Crossrail site safety

With the Crossrail project seemingly continuing to expand its plans and projects for London, we are a common question – ‘What safety equipment do I need to get my vehicle on to a Crossrail site?’… To speed things up, we’ve put the minimum equipment you would need to have on your vehicle from our range […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 104

While this regulation applies to the technical requirements of vehicle conspicuity tapes, also known as contour tapes, and their performance – it does not mandate their use, and how to use them. All marking tapes must be approved under this regulation but their use is covered by ECE Regulation 48 and the Road Vehicle Lighting […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 91

This regulation applies to side marker lights for motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles) and their trailers, whether it is for a stand-alone lamp, or as part of a multi-function light. Their primary function is to be used to indicate the presence of the vehicle when view from its side. For front and rear marker lights, see […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 77

Parking lamps are covered by ECE Regulation 77.  This applies whether an individual lamp, part of a headlamp or multi-functional lamp (such as rear cluster light). Where a pair of parking lamps are fitted, should one fail the other must be able to maintain the minimum light intensity as required.     There are strict […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 38

This regulation applies to rear fog lamps for motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles) and their trailers, whether it is for a stand-alone lamp, or as part of a multi-function light.  Each product is subject to test in terms of colour performance and light output, including where one of a pair of lamps fails – the minimum […]

Guide to: ECE Regulation 23

This regulation applies to reversing lamps and other special lamps designed to aid with vehicle manoeuvring. For the purposes of regulation, a reversing lamp is classed as a light ‘designed to illuminate the road to the rear of the vehicle and to warn other road users that the vehicle is reversing or is about to […]

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