Product guides & datasheets

An extensive range of product guides and datasheets, as produced by the product manufacturers – if you are looking for help with a specific item, please contact us and we’ll do our best to add it here…

PH Bodyguards GL100 Finite Black disposable gloves datasheet

Download the datasheet for PH Bodyguards nitrile disposable gloves, available from the Dun-Bri Group. Features use information and health & safety compliance and approval information.     Click to download in PDF format.   Last updated: 29 May 2019.

Moldex Pura-Fit ear protection product datasheet

Pura-Fit earplugs are tapered so they are easier to insert in any size ear canal. And they are longer too, so they are easier to grasp. Download the datasheet to choose the best option for you and your staff – all available from Dun-Bri Group.     Click here to download in PDF format.   […]

LED Autolamps EQBT LED lightbars product guide

Download the product guide and datasheets for the LED Autolamps range of EQBT LED lightbars.  Combining modern styling with high-performance LED lighting and an incredible price, the EQBT is available in 7 different sizes or 15 different options.     Click here to download in PDF format.   Last updated: 26 April 2019.

Thinwall cable vs standard automotive cable – why?

We often get questions from our customers about thinwall cable, and why they should consider it over standard cable. Well we’ve taken a number of them and we’ve written the answers down for you…   Thinwall cable: What is it? In a nutshell, thinwall cable is cable with a thinner, harder grade of PVC outer […]

Moldex Sparkplugs ear protection product datasheet

SparkPlugs earplugs are made of extra-soft, extra-light foam. Their tapered shape fits easily in the ear canal, and seals gently and snugly without pressure. They’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing earplugs. Download the datasheet to choose the best option for you and your staff – all available from Dun-Bri Group.     Click here […]

Moldex N95 Series Respirator sizing poster

Ddfsdf DJust like people, our industrial N95 particulate respirators come in a variety of sizes.  Moldex® N95 Series disposable respirators cover the majority of your employees with up to three distinct shapes and sizes. So, if you’re in need of respirators for a diverse workforce and already know that one size does not fit all, […]

Moldex Disposable Respirator information & fitting instructions

To get the most out of your Moldex disposable respirator, you need to follow the general guidance and fitting information provided.  If you have lost this information you can use this sheet for the following model information and use restrictions; N95, 595 & P95 Series N99 Series N100 Series P100 Series If you are in […]

Lucas Battery Catalogue with COSHH information

Download the Lucas Electrical car and commercial vehicle battery catalogue.  Also contains COSHH and MSDS information, as well as end-of-life recycling information. Contains details for: Automotive batteries Commercial batteries Agricultural batteries Industrial batteries Golf caddy batteries Motorcycle batteries Mobility batteries Leisure batteries Marine batteries Emergency batteries Standby batteries     Click to download the catalogue […]

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